It’s a true as daylight sort of thing. You know that one girl that got away? The one that made you change your mind about girls in general and made you stop to listen to a song. Or, maybe she didn’t. Perhaps the song was only as good as the time the two of you spend together.

That one.

She made you feel real with lyrics and forced you to watch those cheesy romantic comedies, which you sort of blew of as being stupid and unrealistic because fairy tales don’t exist. Perhaps in the back of your mind, you knew she was the one because even though you told her you hated it or boasted about the new action film that you knew wasn’t as good for her as that romance, you still kind of enjoyed watching that romantic comedy because the idea of a happy ending with her seemed so much more realistic than it did with anyone else.

Did you break Up?

Break up generally sucks. It doesn’t even necessarily matter if it’s the right girl, or not, but every once in a while, for some more often than others, you experience a break-up. For most guys going through relationships and hook-ups like different seasons in the year, break-ups might not be too big of a deal, but then, her.

She made you change your mind and made you contemplate what you did wrong.

There’s a guy type of lingo. It involves a whole of you being wrong. Unless you’re a Prince Charming, or she did something terribly wrong, chances are you did something wrong and this is the thing guys don’t understand.

Having a look from a woman’s perspective, you need to think very clearly about who you are, what you did, whether or not you reacted in some way that might have flipped the switch for her, as well as consider things like, did you really intend to make her happy in the first place.

Once you figure out the answers as to why things went south, you’ll be able to strategize just exactly how to get her back.

Oh, and another thing you have to remember is, girls don’t take breaking up with a guy lightly. If she started dating you in the first place, chances are she liked you and you really got things wrong.


Figuring Out Why You Broke Up

Considering the fact that there are many different reasons why breakups can occur, taking it from a woman’s perspective yet again, there is an endless amount of reasons that she ‘broke it off’.

Now, if you’re the one that broke up with her, then maybe you’ve got some soul searching to do. Perhaps she didn’t fit your lifestyle at the time or you didn’t feel like you were right for each other at the time but now you do. The thing with break-ups are, it allows for two individuals to take a step back and really analyse just exactly what they were experiencing during the relationship.

It can also allow people to notice things about themselves that they would like to improve and ultimately help them grow so they have a better chance of having a successful relationship together.

Remember the part where you messed up?

Or, maybe you don’t, which is the very nature of most men as it appears. See, even for women, as humans, we don’t like making mistakes and we definitely don’t like being called out on it. Pride can play a big role, especially when there are two strong personalities involved, and you might not want to be the one to say: “I’m sorry”, but sometimes that’s the best way to get her back.

See, the thing with women is, they love to hear verbal words coming out of your mouth. Although this might sound completely wrong and stupid to you, we like long explanations, you admitting you were wrong (if you were wrong, and most of all hearing those two little words that boast apology.

Secondly, women need sex, actions speak even louder than words. This doesn’t mean you have to buy us a house, but after you’ve apologized and actually poured your heart out to us, you have to prove to us that you mean it.

The number one mistake most guys make is thinking that they’ll get away with whatever they did and thinking that one apology will fix everything. No, you have to change your ways, as well as learn what her lingo means.


To all men.

  • “Fine”, doesn’t mean fine. It just means your entire conversation is over.
  • “Do whatever you want”, is not the okay button to whatever you want to do. It literally means she thinks you’re either clever enough to not do it, or you’re stupid enough to do it. She’s merely just testing your judgement and if you’ve been dating her for a while, you should know what she means when she says it. So, if you didn’t get the lingo, the answer is no.
  • “We need to talk”. That doesn’t mean the two of you are going to participate in a conversation and it doesn’t mean it’s a positive one either. Sit yourself down, keep your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself and listen while she talks.
  • “We’ll talk about this later”. Oops. Red flags are up and she’s angry and needs to think about whatever just happened, or what you’ve done, by herself.
  • “Nothing”. This might be one of the simplest, yet worst thing a woman could ever say to any man and it means you messed up. Whether it was something you either said, did, or didn’t say or do, I hope you hear alarms going off when you hear this one. When she says ‘nothing’, you’re supposed to know exactly what’s wrong.
  • “Whatever”. Whatever you two were either talking or fighting about, the entire conversation is irrelevant to her now, so don’t continue to make mistakes, we mean to talk about whatever you just disagreed about.
  • “Maybe”. The answer is in fact no. Huge, dramatic, yet simple no. Don’t ask again.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, if you didn’t misread, defy or respond in the wrong way to any of that, there’s something else you need to consider.