Once again, it is time for Pony Club Gallery to spread the Yuletide cheer and this year we are doing so by a Krampus holiday-themed group show curated by Pony Club member Holly Cappello. Originating from German folklore, Krampus is a horned creature who punishes children during the Christmas season who have misbehaved. There are many great artists involved in this show and Pony Club Gallery had the privilege of asking several of the artists involved, some  questions pertaining to the Holiday season… . .

CL Dahlstrom

What is your favorite Holiday movie? Bad Santa/Trading Places

What don’t you want for Christmas? I don’t want to hear people complaining about Starbucks cups and swarthy refugees.

Most annoying thing that occurs this time of year? People talking SERIOUSLY about a war on Christmas.

You can check out more of CL Dahlstrom’s work at http://cldahlstrom.deviantart.com/ and http://cldahlstrom.blogspot.com/

Sashiko Yuen

Favorite toy you’ve received for Christmas?
My fondest memories of gifts in my childhood were ones that my brother and I would share. We loved video games a lot, it’s the one activity we can do together (even today). We would beg our mom and dad for a video game system, and we would get it a year or two after release. Once the price had drastically dropped. We’d play games together, even if our family could only afford one game. But spending time with my brother was most important.

Best holiday meal you’ve ever had?

I used to be a huge fan of my mother’s mac and cheese. She would make enough to feed a couple dozen people. But me, my brother, and our friends would devour it in a couple days. I’m allergic to the things my family eats now. I’ll learn to make a dairy-free/ gluten-free one someday!

If you could spend a holiday with any person (dead or alive) who would it be?

I’d love to chill with Eartha Kitt. Seems like her and I would get along very well. We love ourselves and we can’t stand bullshit.

You can check out more of Sashiko’s work at http://wishcandy.net/ , http://wishcandy.bigcartel.com/ and http://wishcandy.tumblr.com/ and you can follow her on instagram @wishcandy

David McHank

Traveling for the holidays or staying at home? Man, I have no money. I can’t travel.

Worst gift you’ve received for Christmas? I’m so grateful that anybody thinks to get me anything.

Are you a proponent of regifting? Yes, I’d rather something goes to somebody who will appreciate it more. The past of an item doesn’t diminish its value.

You can check out more of Mchank’s work at
http://mchank.tumblr.com/ and you can follow him on instagram @mchank

Morgaine Faye

Wrapping paper, gift bags or newspaper for presents?

It’s usually whatever I have around, whatever’s is leftover from last year,  or whatever can be repurposed from something else. I have made wrapping paper in the past, but I prefer to recycle wrapping where I can because ultimately it is ending up in the trash. After all, it’s all about what’s inside…

Are your holidays exciting or stressful?

As an introvert, they can get stressful. I could really care less about the holidays, but they are a busy time for jewelry making and the demands are high this time of year to be present for friends and family, too, which I am really bad at balancing. If I could just hibernate all winter I would, we can put it that way…

Alcohol before, during or after spending the holidays with relatives?

What a silly question! All the above, but only in hot-drink form. I think more than anything I would lose it without my nightly backyard “safety  meetings” if you get my drift… (weed emoji goes here)

You can check out more of Morgaine’s work at http://morgainefaye.com/ and you can follow her on instagram @morgaine_faye