Yuletide Cheer!- Thursday, December 4th from 6-9pm Pony Club Gallery will be hosting our annual Holiday Art Sale. There will be a great selection of affordable, local art of original works, prints and other items that you can purchase in time for your gift-giving events. Throughout the night there will also be a live 5ft by 13ft mural painting by Pony Club member Keith Carter which will be up all month long at the gallery.

So to kick off this event, I asked several Pony Club Members  questions pertaining to the holiday season … .

Keith Carter

Favorite Christmas movie?

Gremlins. One of my favorites since I was little kid.

Traveling for the holidays or staying at home?

Traveling. Nothing too intense though. My family lives in Tacoma, WA, which is only a 2 hour drive.

Most annoying thing that occurs this time of year?

That’s a tough one, there’s a lot to choose from. I work at a bar, and I tend to get pretty annoyed with drunk, obnoxious people wearing “ironic” cheesy holiday sweaters.

Martin Ontiveros

Favorite toy you’ve received for Christmas?

Maybe 1976, when I got Micronauts. I don’t mean a couple of
Micronauts, I mean ALL of the Micronauts. It was enough to keep me
busy until a year later, when Star Wars became a thing.     

Are you a proponent of regifting?

No, but it happens, to the shame of us all

Most annoying thing that occurs this time of year?

No one sings ‘Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

Amy Kuttab

If you could spend a holiday with any person (dead or alive) who would it be?

I would love to spend the holidays with so many people, I can’t pick one. I guess ideally there would be a room big enough for everyone I know and love, dead or living, to be together all at once.

Best holiday meal you’ve ever had?

There have been too many to choose the best, though childhood Arabic food Christmases with my aunts, uncles and cousin Amanda were especially nice. Anytime people cook together or potluck it’s going to be great.
Most annoying thing that occurs this time of year?
Not always getting to see my family and other loved ones that live elsewhere.
Jennifer Parks

What do you want most this year?

A new computer!

Wrapping paper, gift bags or newspaper?

Newspaper or brown craft paper.

Most annoying thing that occurs this time of year?

Christmas music.

Happy Holidays everyone! ~ The End